Law Firms & Accounting Organizations

Aquarius Capital provides solutions to its clients in the insurance, reinsurance, actuarial, and employee benefits arena, including health care, life insurance, disability coverage and retirement plans. We offer services that are unique in the market place that may complement services offered by your organization. We have significant experience working with law firms and accounting organizations to further enhance their business objectives.

Some of the services that we can offer your organization include:

  • Opinions and expert testimony.
  • Audits and forensic reviews.
  • Insurance consulting and brokering.
  • Economic assessments (e.g., loss of life expectancy valuations).
  • Actuarial valuations and reserve certifications.
  • Financial solutions including structure settlements.
  • Expertise in actuarial consulting and reinsurance services for your corporate clients.
  • Retiree benefits planning including plan design and actuarial valuations for retiree health, life and pension services.
  • Runout management services for clients interested in exiting a non-performing line of business.
  • Life insurance solutions (e.g., Life Settlements) for the individual market.

For additional details pertaining to services offered, please review the Services section of our website and then contact us at 914-933-0063 or e-mail us at