Investment Banking & Financial Institutions

We provide a wide range of services and expertise to investment bankers, venture capital firms, asset managers, hedge funds and financial institutions interested in the life, accident and health insurance market. We have seen an increased interest in the life insurance, life settlement and secondary insurance market, and we provide our clients with the following services:

  • Actuarial Evaluations — Includes assessments and financial modeling of portfolios, underwriting box development and return on investment calculations.
  • Facultative Underwriting & Oversite — Includes evaluation of special or non-traditional risks as well as providing retrospective underwriting support. We will also provide the client with expertise to develop and evaluate underwriting guidelines used for managing the business.
  • Insurance Partner Selection — Assist client in evaluating, obtaining and selecting distribution and administrative partners.
  • Fiduciary Consulting — Provide consulting services and oversite management for investors and funders of portfolios, both due diligence and post acquisition management.
  • New Business Development — Provide access to various insurance and financial products to complement existing portfolios and partnerships as well as be a strategic source for new business development, both individual policies and portfolios.
  • Compliance Audits — Provide compliance and audits of various insurance partnerships including internal controls and reporting.
  • Product Analysis — Includes assisting clients with achieving a strategy for effective debt rating, securitizing portfolios and risk management.
  • Rehabilitations — Provide rehabilitation services to clients with non-performing blocks of business.
  • Run-out Management — Provide run-out management services for closed blocks of business.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions — Evaluation of partners for due diligence and implementation.
  • Expert Witness — Provide consulting assistance for litigious cases.

Aquarius Capital formed a subsidiary, Aquarius Life Solutions, for the purposes of brokering and intermediary services for life settlement policies and portfolios. Aquarius provides these services to clients interested in acquiring or selling policies.

We also provide additional services to clients interested in mergers & acquisitions. For insurance organizations considering a merger, acquisition or related transaction, we provide clients with expertise and knowledge involved to successfully accomplish acquisitions in today's climate. Our primary focus on the insurance industry allows us to identify a variety of transaction partners who could provide a strategic, financial and cultural fit for our clients. Some of the services that we can provide include due diligence reviews, feasibility studies, financial forecasts, strategic planning, market research, liability buyouts and capital acquisition.

For additional details pertaining to services offered, please review the Services section of our website and then contact us at 914-933-0063 or e-mail us at