Corporations & Employee Benefits

Corporations struggle to meet their financial objectives and meet the needs of their employees. Employee benefits are a significant cost area to corporations and are a significant component in attracting quality employees. At Aquarius Capital, we assist employers in evaluating and managing their employee benefits portfolio, including health care, life insurance, disability coverage and retirement plans.

Services that we can offer employers include the following:

  • Partner selection for benefits, including due diligence reviews and ongoing audits.
  • Plan design evaluation and selection for both traditional and voluntary benefits.
  • Pricing and evaluation, including flexible benefits pricing, actuarial reviews, COBRA pricing, and reserve valuation for benefit programs.
  • Review and analysis of post employment and retirement benefits, including medical, life and pension benefits.
  • Buyouts of retiree benefits (e.g., FAS 106, SOP92-6, GASB 45 liabilities).
  • Insurance brokering and consulting.
  • Benchmarking against other companies specifically health industry companies for experience, flexible benefits contribution strategies and plan designs.
  • Contract and agreement reviews including management of termination of agreements.
  • Conduct pre-renewal analysis with carriers for budget planning and renewal negotiating leverage.
  • Conduct vendor audits and forensic reviews including claims, eligibility and troubleshooting data issues.
  • Develop strategies for specialty workforces including part-time and 1099 employees.

Partner selection would include both insurance companies and administrators that support benefits for those clients that are self-funded. This includes insurance carriers, claims administrators, provider networks, managed care entities, pension designs and stop loss reinsurance coverage as needed. We are experts in this area and will work with our clients to tailor the program that best meets their personal needs.

For additional details pertaining to services offered, please review the Services section of our website or contact us at 914-933-0063 or