Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Aquarius Capital provides solutions to its clients in the insurance and employee benefits arena, including health care, life insurance, disability coverage and retirement plans. We offer services that are unique in the marketplace that may complement services offered by your organization. We work with insurance brokerage firms and benefits consulting houses specializing in pensions, life insurance, health care, disability and property & casualty coverages.

At Aquarius Capital, we offer expertise that will be recognized as “value-added” services to your clients, both corporations and individuals, and provide you with additional revenue opportunities for your organizations. Some of the services that we can offer your organization include:

  • Access to employee benefits and life insurance expertise along with complimentary product lines to offer to your client base
  • Expertise in actuarial consulting and reinsurance services for your corporate clients
  • Retiree benefits planning including plan design and actuarial valuations for retiree health, life and pension services
  • Life insurance solutions (e.g., Life Settlements) for the individual market

Life Settlements
This is an exciting new product that will provide valuable resource and solution to your clients and additional revenue to your organization. We have established a division of Aquarius Capital called Aquarius Life Solutions to provide life settlement solutions to your clients. If you are not familiar with this relatively new estate planning tool, then Aquarius Capital would welcome the opportunity to educate and discuss with you the exciting new options it offers brokers and their clients.

What is a Life Settlement? A life settlement is the sale of an unneeded or ineffective life insurance policy that would have otherwise been surrendered or lapsed. For individual life insurance holders, a policy may no longer be desired by a client for a combination of any of the following reasons:

  • Premiums for coverage have become too expensive
  • Changes in the client’s estate reduce or eliminate the need for insurance
  • Client has outlived the intended beneficiary(ies) for the policy
  • Client’s needs have changed and would require a different type of policy (i.e. annuity or long-term care)

For corporations or small businesses, insurance policies may no longer be required or maintained. Examples include:

  • Buy-Sell policies for cases in which the owners have retired or the business is sold
  • Deferred Compensation Plans when the executive has left the company
  • Key Person policies after the insured has retired
  • Policies purchased to cover loans that have since been paid off

A life settlement may be a valuable solution to your client and an additional source of revenue for your organization.

For additional details pertaining to services offered, please review the Services section of our website and then contact us at 914-933-0063 or e-mail us at